Advancing Capabilities with the Acquisition of Three New Lathe Machines

Wagner Machine Incorporated in Norton, OH, a third-generation family-owned machine shop, recently made a major investment in new equipment to increase its capacity and better serve its customers. Wagner Machine added three pieces of equipment, including two multi-axis lathes with advanced capabilities that reduce the work in process (WIP) to streamline production and meet more exacting specifications. Wagner Machine has always emphasized quality workmanship and the newly acquired lathes help continue this commitment to processing high-quality parts for its customers.  

Wagner Machine has been in operation for more than 60 years as a full-service custom machining and fabrication shop. The company invested in three new machines from SMART Machine Tool, headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  

Two of the additions are CNC multi-axis lathes and the third is a CNC two-axis lathe, which broadens capabilities and greatly expands the company’s capacity. The three-axis lathes enable the initial, secondary, and tertiary operations on a part to be completed in one machine for a single setup with multiple processes. More complex geometries can be fabricated without the possibility of mistakes that can occur by setting up a part on multiple tools. 

Industries with particularly tight tolerances such as aerospace or military specifications can rely on Wagner’s precision and expertise with these state-of-the-art lathes, especially for parts requiring what used to be multiple operations all with one set up.  

In addition to producing parts with tighter specifications, the reduced amount of work in process helps to shorten lead times. The CNC operations retain part programming, so customers who have repeat orders of the same part know that each run will meet the same parameters and specification of previous runs.  

Here to Stay 

Wagner Machine caters to operations requiring one-off parts or single-set-up runs up to 1,000 parts or more. Our machine shop often manufactures medical parts; components for the energy industry such as oil and gas; power transmission parts; valves and pumps; aerospace; the food industry; engineering projects; and many others. We like to say if you have an idea, a sketch, a 2D print or 3D model then your part that needs machined can be produced by us. We have worked with exotic metals such as titanium and molybdenum, castings hardened to well over 60Rc, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics and more.  

According to Michael Wagner, company CEO and former president, “We’re reinvesting for the future of our business and for our customers. Many companies don’t or can’t last. We want our customers to know we plan to be here 20 years from now and still taking care of our business partners’ projects with the same care and competence we always had.”  

Wagner Machine purchased the following SMART lathes through Diamond Machinery Co. in Cleveland. According to CEO Bill Danicki, Diamond Machinery is dedicated to keeping manufacturing alive in northern Ohio. Wagner chose to purchase SMART machines due to the reputation, service, and available inventory of perishable parts—an important consideration during a time of supply chain bottlenecks for parts shipped from overseas.  

The new machines include:  

  • SMART SL3300YS – 12” chuck main, 3.5” through spindle, 8” Sub-spindle w/milling & y-axis 
  • SMART NL2000ASY – 8” chuck main, 2” through spindle, 6” sub-spindle w/milling & y-axis, bar feeder 
  • SMART NL 4000 – 18” chuck main with a 2,000 RPM spindle speed, maximum turning diameter of 22.83, maximum turning length of 47.76 and bar capacity of 4.63.  

Our team offers consultation to customers who need to turn ideas into viable projects. It’s our goal to build long-term business relationships with companies seeking a trustworthy, reliable machine shop. Contact Us or call 330-706-0700 to discuss your next project.  

Team Wagner is committed to the highest level of integrity, precision, and customer confidence in our ability to provide innovative manufacturing solutions.

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