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Five more reasons Wagner Machine adds value

Looking for the most advanced technology the machining industry can offer? Look no further than Wagner Machine, Inc., which combines extensive experience and a highly trained staff with the latest technological innovations in its continuing quest to improve customer service and operations. Its most recent acquisition, the Makino A500Z 5-axis machine, offers at least five points of differentiation to improve the customer experience. Words such as “legendary reliability” and “incredible accuracy” are common to describe the production output.  

  1. Complexity – The 5-axis machine can machine parts with abnormal geometry in one or two operations instead of going through multiple operations with complex fixturing. 
  2. Reduced set up –The 5-axis machine is not only suitable for complex parts, instead of separate set-ups on multiple horizontal and vertical machines, Wagner Machine can now reduce those setups down to one or two operations on one machine. This translates into faster turnaround and greater accuracy, eliminating potential bottlenecks. 
  3. Versatility – The Makino A500Z can handle more complex angles and contours to allow for greater speed and precision in a broader range of projects. This means the answer to your question, ‘can it be done?’, can be a resounding yes!  
  4. Precision – High precision ball screws for smooth and accurate movement allows for greater control of the machining process. Thermal controls help reduce the incidence of waste by automatically reprogramming to compensate for possible thermal growth. Multiple factors combined with machine operator expertise at Wagner allow for precision parts and finished products.  
  5. Clearance – The A500Z offers greater clearance than a standard, trunnion 5-axis allowing for a larger work area.

Wagner Machine serves a wide range of industries including but not limited to; aerospace, oil & gas, medical, mining, food, power transmission, energy and tire & rubber.   This new machine is the perfect addition to help suit any customer’s needs. The Makino A500Z can help produce prototypes from a solid block of metal in less time than ever, allowing clients ample time for research and development prior to spending money on molds.  

The precision, accuracy and breadth of this latest improvement offers the latest in technology and software to handle even the most complicated machining projects.  

In addition, Wagner Machine offers its customers engineering and design collaboration on any projects. For more information about all of Wagner Machine Inc.’s capabilities and past project experience, contact us at 330-706-0700.  

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