Wagner’s top industries include:

Earning the AS9100 Rev. D certification for manufacturing extends our ability of machining anything from the size of a thumbnail up to 120 inches for the aerospace industry.

Wagner works as a “3 in 1” shop, serving customers with both small and large turning and milling, along with our own 10,000-sq.-ft. fabrication facility.

Wagner Machine, Inc. machines complete components for the modern automobile powertrain clutch systems and power transmissions. These pieces include flywheels, discs and power plates. All finished goods are custom per customer blueprint.

If valves and pumps are not built properly, it can ruin the whole component piece. Part failure can be disastrous for the end consumer. Wagner Machine, Inc. machines valve and pump pieces to our customers’ requirements from industries ranging from medical to mining.

Precision machining is our expertise, including pump shafts, impellers, vanes and pump housing castings.

Construction is a fast-paced, deadline-driven industry. We work with construction companies to machine large to small parts. Our CNC machinery includes both a vertical and horizontal machining center to get the job done efficiently and to our customers’ specs.

We have significant experience in construction, including machining:

  • Bridge replacement components
    • custom railing
    • decking for Metro-Parks
    • surface and isolation bearings
    • junction flanges
    • foundation adapters and reinforcements
  • Airport runway electrical steel foundation components
  • Cofferdam supports.

In a highly innovative field, it’s important to partner with companies like Wagner Machine, INC. that can customize to your specs and needs. We serve the energy market with its custom steel fabrication facility. We’ve worked with companies in all facets of the energy industry, including natural gas, nuclear, coal and renewable energy.

Some of the most prevalent equipment we’ve machined includes:

  • high precision atomizers and injection nozzles built from exotic material, titanium, beryllium, and more coal pulverizer components:
    • spring bolts and housings, dampers, precision seal and roller rings, and hoppers
  • high performance pitot tubes, lances, and probes for gas and flu laboratory and generating testing
    machining and fabrication components for scrubbers, industrial fan parts, like precision shaft replacements, and filter housings; and
  • power and distribution components for sub-stations retro-fit and upgrades.

Safety and sanitation are extremely important in food service. Wagner Machine, Inc. knows how to deliver quality machined parts and equipment. Utilizing computer-controlled machines creates a precision and accuracy for our customers. Operators working our machines have been with the company for years, perfecting their craft and understanding of the food industry’s needs.

The medical field is consistently evolving as new technology is improving medical devices and other equipment. As new parts get developed, we work with our clients to turnaround quality machined parts.

Wagner Machines, Inc. services the medical market by using our expertise and CNC machining to produce parts related to surgical implants, orthotic devices and medical instruments. As a job shop, we can mill and turn both extremely large parts and parts the size of a thumbnail.

Portable tube, pipe cutting, and machining tools are preferred by professional field machining specialists for construction and maintenance of power plants, refineries and pulp plants. Wagner Machine, Inc. machines complete component parts for these specific areas in the oil & gas industries, such as body, track, gear rings, high performance manifolds, crown, and traveling blocks and casing heads.

Power transmission parts span across various industries from marine drilling to material handling to mining. We handle the milling and turning for both small and large parts. Parts we’ve machined include: conveyor braking systems, combination gearboxes, torque limiters and HPTO diesel engine clutches.

By nature of its name, special machines are unique. Jobs may be comprised of hundreds or thousands of components and Wagner Machine Inc. can machine the vast majority of them. Having to only partner with one company is a huge benefit for our customers.

With our machining center there is less fixture prep, which saves you time and money. We utilize the latest versions of MasterCam and AutoCad for programming.

The tire and rubber industry is packed full of machines necessary to produce tires and other related products. A tire-building machine consists of drums, conveyors, cutters and more. Wagner Machine, Inc.’s capabilities include machining both large and small component pieces, along with having our own fabrication facility.

The steel and mining industry has some seriously harsh conditions. Wagner Machine, Inc. fabricates parts from metals that can withstand the tough situations. Our steel mill component portfolio includes: large mill chocks, rolls, bearings housings, all the way up to a complete fabricated mill rolling lines, coilers, let-offs, roll and creel carriers, runout and slab tables.

Our efforts include completing components for extreme machines used in dredging and mining, like large diameter sheaves, grinding and crushing components, conveyors, separators and shaker components.

We also work with Tool & Die companies for their machining needs that include portable pipe cutters and clamshell cutters.

Wagner Machine, Inc. serves customers by turning and milling both large and small pieces, with the added benefit of having an in-house fabrication facility. Being a job shop allows us to cater to many markets. Having skilled workers coupled with computer-controlled machines gives our customers years of expertise with time efficiency and precision.

For more information about our capabilities: Download Our Capabilities Statement

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