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Wagner Machine, Inc. is a CNC milling company based out of Norton, Ohio. We have been offering a wide range of custom fabrication services to our customers for over 60 years.
The MA-600HII horizontal machining center handles accurate, steady machining ranging from mass production to continuous die/mold applications.
We provide the latest CNC technology including a Horizontal Machining Center (HMC). Our latest addition is the MA-600HII, a Horizontal Machining Center from Okuma America Corporation.

The highly flexible MA-600HII Horizontal Machining Center achieves everything from extremely accurate, steady CNC machining of mass production runs to long, continuous die and mold applications.

From heavy-duty cutting to fine, precision milling work, the HMC is available with a variety of tools, which achieve a performance suited to a multitude of manufacturing requirements ranging from short product life cycles to high volume production runs.

Custom CNC Milling Specs

Max Machining Volumemm (in)1,000x900x1,000 (39.37×35.43×39.37)
Rotary Pallet Sizemm (in)630×630 (24.80×24.80)
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹ (rpm)50~6,000, [50~12,000; 50~20,000]
Spindle PowerkW (hp)30/22 (40/30)
Rapid Traversemm/min (ipm)60 (2,362)
Magazine Capacity40 [60, 81, 111, 141, 171, 195, 225, 255, 285, 320, 400]

Horizontal Machining Center Capabilities

• Hold tight tolerances
• Meet precise specifications
• Account for reliable part quality
• Accommodate JIT deliveries
• Look for efficiencies that control costs-per-part
• Automate machining processes
• Increase spindle time

CNC Milling Production Control

The MA-600HII Horizontal Machining Center integrates with the FPC-1500, a Flexible Pallet Container (FPC) from Fastems. The FPC ensures efficiencies with part milling, machine castings and different types of plates.

FPC-1500 System Specs

Nominal machine pallet size (mm)(mm)630 x 630 or 630 x 800
Load size (X x Z)mm1,050 x 1,000
Load rotational diameter(Ø) (mm)1,250
Load height, including pallet(mm)1,200
Storage capacity by container unit10

Metal Fab and Welding Industry Experience

We work with diverse industries in Ohio, including Oil & Gas, Power Transmission, Steel & Mining, Energy, Coal, Automotive, Aerospace, Tire & Rubber, Valve & Pump, Air Handling, Medical and Construction.

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