Top Considerations for Faster Turnaround Times

Faster in, faster out. That’s the biggest rule to follow for customers looking for quick lead times. Wagner Machine, supplying custom machining and fabrication in Northeastern Ohio for more than 60 years, says timely, completed documents for a quotation are critical to help streamline the process and to deliver a satisfactory finished product that meets buyer specifications.   

Gather complete information —

Having all the information up front is important. One key piece of the quotation process is a drawing of the product that requires machining.  Customers often forget this and that can slow the process down.  Wagner accepts most standard electronic files for drawings. 

Timing —

Depending on the project’s complexity the quotation process could take a few hours to a few weeks. If a project has many moving parts, requires special materials or multiple secondary processing in addition to machining, that can all affect the quotation process. When collecting quotations for a particularly complex project, factor that into the timeline to avoid project delays.  

Materials —

With such a wide variety of materials, even standard steel isn’t standard. There are not only different grades, if steel is provided, its performance can depend on the country of origin. Projects might require materials from plastic to exotic metals and some can be quite expensive and require time to source. Material specific machining methods, special tooling and secondary processing procedures such as heat treatment, black oxide and nitride will impact both cost and lead time.  

Transportation —

Where does the final product need to be shipped? Wagner Machine services customers throughout the United States due to its unique capabilities. Wagner Machine can mill and turn parts as small as the size of a thumbnail to milling larger parts up to 144 inches.  Using certified welders, Wagner can fabricate parts over 10,000 lbs. in weight.  

Design —

While it might add to the project timing, Wagner Machine provides engineering and design support to recommend the best solution, whether a project needs to be designed from scratch or simply requires modernization. Often, a design tweak or change can supply a more cost-effective method to realize a client’s goals and objectives. If you are open to collaboration, let Wagner know.  We can make suggestions to improve efficiency, increase durability and reduce costs. 

Trust Wagner Machine for your next milling and/or turning projects and your fabrication needs. No other company delivers the superior quality of Wagner Machine, Inc. Call us at 330-706-0700 or use our online quotation form at

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