Wagner is OPEN during COVID-19. Letter from our President

As you may be aware, Governor Dewine has issued “Shelter in Place” orders in order to help contain the spread of COVID-19. As part of these measures, most businesses are effectively shut down, with the exception of certain “essential companies” that participate in/support “critical infrastructure sectors” as classified by the federal government (website of the Department of Homeland Security). One such sector, Manufacturing, is relying on Wagner Machine, Inc. to continue delivering its goods and services, even during these difficult times. We intend to meet our obligations.

Given our “essential business” designation, Wagner Machine, Inc. operations will continue as they did this past week, irrespective of state shut downs. We will, and have been practicing the CDC guidelines (e.g. maintaining a six foot distance from others through social distancing, hand washing, etc.) at work.  We have a strict employees only on the shop floor policy.  Delivery drivers are to come to the front office for paperwork, Heidi will sign THEIR NAME for receipt of delivery for Wagner parts, your employee will sign Heidi’s name for materials coming into our facility.  You will be met outside at designated shipping/receiving area for transfer of goods.  Heidi will let our internal employees know what to load/unload.

We are here for you during this critical time.  Please make sure your safety and the safety of your team is top priority, and we will be doing  the same here.  If you have an emergency, reach out to me at 330-603-8841.  I will help with whatever I can.

Note: https://www.cisa.gov/critical-manufacturing-sector

Warmest Regards,

Courtney Wagner

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