Announcement: New Sales Development Manager Joins Wagner

Abram Wagner, Sales Development Manager

Wagner Machine, Inc. is growing! We have added new employees to our manufacturing facility, and a new position to our executive team, Sales Development Manager. Abram Wagner represents the third generation to work at this family-owned business. The position of Sales Development Manager is designed to help further develop existing client relationships and work with new business partners.   

Wagner Machine represents “Three Shops in One,” with a broad range of capabilities to deliver quality machined and fabricated parts. Abram’s unique skill set brings it all together. 

Manufacturing is ingrained in Abram’s DNA. Wagner Machine was part of his formative years, inspiring him to pursue a career focused on machining and welding. He completed trade school with the goal of becoming a machinist, then entered the Marine Corps and put to work his skills as a welder. When he exited the Marine Corps in 2012, Abram started selling CNC machines. The depth of Abram’s knowledge and experience will provide a valuable backdrop in his new role.  

Abram served as a board member for the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) while working in CNC sales in Los Angeles and is joining the local board in Akron.  

Wagner Machine is in Norton, Ohio. We fabricate quality machined parts for industries such as aerospace and automotive, medical, and food-grade, as well as valves, pumps and more. Learn more about our machining equipment and capabilities.   

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