Experienced Metal Fabrication Engineers and Machinists

Wagner Machine has been delivering custom machining and fabrication services to customers from a wide variety of industries for over 60 years. Our seasoned team of machinists and engineers deliver turnkey solutions to turn your ideas from concept to reality.

See our experienced fabrication engineers in action as they work to complete services ranging from CNC milling to precision machining and custom fabrication and welding.Visit our capabilities page to learn more about what we can do for you and then contact us to get started.

A Leader in Quality Control Standards

Our quality assurance staff is certified by The American Society for Quality Control to ensure that your finished product meets the highest standards. (1) Qualify Technician (CQE, CQA) (1) Inspector (CMI).

Wagner Machine, Inc. has been approved to the quality management standards of ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100 Rev. D for machining, welding, fabrication and assembly of metal parts and products.

Wagner Machine, Inc. serves its customers with the capabilities of turning and milling both large and small components. From a single piece to multiple part runs, our modern CNC-equipped machining facilities are prepared to meet your challenges with quick turnaround lead times and high precision tolerances. In addition, we have the benefit of an in-house fabrication facility that includes 30-ton capacity overhead cranes.

Wagner Machine prides itself on having the best available machinists in the market. They have long-term experience in programming and operating our high-tech machine tools. We are currently operating with the latest CAD (MasterCam and AutoCad) systems to expedite programming, minimize set-up errors and reduce down time.

AS 9100D Certified

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Three Shops In One

When customers are looking for quality machined metal parts, we deliver with our ability to be three shops in one. While other machining companies may limit their focus, we run the gamut.

We can:

  • Mill and turn small parts, down to the size of a thumbnail
  • Mill and turn large parts, up to 120 inches and mill up to 144 inches
  • Construct parts up to 30,000 lbs. in our fabrication facility using certified welders

Job Shop

We are a job shop that features a complete range of turning and milling machinery, providing years of expertise precision and on-time efficiency. Our customers know where their work is being machined. We are machining and fabricating your parts in-house. Every project is engineered at our facility that spans 35,000 sq. ft. in three buildings.


Wagner Machine, Inc. is a family-oriented business. Our company culture is people-driven, from our customers to employees. There is a huge amount of detail that goes into each purchase order. Everyone on staff believes in partnering with our customers and giving full transparency to the work we are completing. Customers have always been comfortable stopping in to walk the shop floor and see our process.

Extremely Low Turnover

Each member of our team is treated like a member of the family. Investing in our employees and continuing their work education has been a significant win for our customers. Most of our machinists have been working with us for more than 10 years and our plant manager has been here since 1982. With our long-standing team in place, everyone understands the equipment they work with, which translates to superior quality for our customers.

Skilled Workforce

There are no “push button” operations on the floor at Wagner Machine, Inc. Each craftsman has his or her own set of skills that are utilized with our machining equipment. As technology expands, so do our capabilities. Our talented crew has enabled us to make a lot of our own fixtures to ensure accuracy and minimize customer’s costs.

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